Best practices for writing Dockerfiles

dockerfile 是一个包含特殊命令格式的文件,描述了如何 build 一个镜像。

This document covers the best practices and methods recommended by Docker, Inc. and the Docker community for creating easy-to-use, effective Dockerfiles. We strongly suggest you follow these recommendations (in fact, if you’re creating an Official Image, you must adhere to these practices).

Note: for more detailed explanations of any of the Dockerfile commands mentioned here, visit the Dockerfile Reference page.

General guidelines and recommendations

Containers should be ephemeral( 无状态容器 )

dockerfile 创建的容器应该是 无状态 的,容器可以被关闭销毁,并且可以被新建的容器替代。参考 Processes

使用 .dockerignore

为了提高性能,可以使用 .dockerignore 忽略编译时不必要的文件。用法与 .gitignore 相似。 参考.dockerignore


降低复杂性、依赖以、包大小以及 build 时间。

Each container should have only one concern (容器功能单一性)


one process per container 是个不错的宗旨,但并不是一个 快捷的方法。 应该让容器尽可能的保持 clean模块化(modular)

You may have heard that there should be “one process per container”. While this mantra has good intentions, it is not necessarily true that there should be only one operating system process per container. In addition to the fact that containers can now be spawned with an init process, some programs might spawn additional processes of their own accord.


保持 dockerfile 的可读性与 容器层数 之间的平衡。


使用 \ 换行后,可以方便的修改、去重、增加可读性。

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
  bzr \
  cvs \
  git \
  mercurial \

善用 build 缓存

docker build 的时候按照 dockerfile 中指令顺序执行。每个指令执行之前,docker 检查该指令是否存在缓存镜像,以及是否可以复用,而不是重新创建一个重复镜像。If you do not want to use the cache at all you can use the --no-cache=true option on the docker build command.


  • Starting with a parent image that is already in the cache, the next instruction is compared against all child images derived(自..衍生) from that base image to see if one of them was built using the exact same instruction. If not, the cache is invalidated

  • In most cases simply comparing the instruction in the Dockerfile with one of the child images is sufficient. However, certain instructions require a little more examination and explanation.

  • For the ADD and COPY instructions, the contents of the file(s) in the image are examined and a checksum is calculated for each file. The last-modified and last-accessed times of the file(s) are not considered in these checksums. During the cache lookup, the checksum is compared against the checksum in the existing images. If anything has changed in the file(s), such as the contents and metadata, then the cache is invalidated.

  • Aside from the ADD and COPY commands, cache checking will not look at the files in the container to determine a cache match. 缓存一致性检查不会涉及容器中的缓存文件。



Dockerfile reference for the FROM instruction

指定父镜像。任何时候,都尽量选择官方镜像。推荐使用 Debian images


Understanding object labels

在项目中,使用 LABEL 标记 镜像 标签是一个个 键值对

Note: 如果值有空格,使用 双引号 (") 括起开。尽量避免 里面本身就包含双引号,


# Set one or more individual labels
LABEL com.example.version="0.0.1-beta"
LABEL vendor="ACME Incorporated"
LABEL com.example.release-date="2015-02-12"

# Set multiple labels on one line
LABEL com.example.version="0.0.1-beta" com.example.release-date="2015-02-12"

# Set multiple labels at once, using line-continuation characters to break long lines
LABEL vendor=ACME\ Incorporated \ \"" \
      com.example.version="0.0.1-beta" \


Dockerfile reference for the RUN instruction

记住,写 Dockerfile 的基本规则

  • 可读性高
  • 容易理解
  • 方便维护
  • 长而复杂的 RUN 语句 使用 换行符 (\) 分割成多行。


避免使用 RUN apt-get upgrade or dist-upgrade 。 而应该指定特定的包,例如 apt-get install -y foo

Always combine(联合) RUN apt-get update with apt-get install in the same RUN statement, for example:

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    package-bar \
    package-baz \

Using apt-get update alone in a RUN statement causes caching issues and subsequent apt-get install instructions fail. (由 build cache 引起的)。 Using RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y ensures your Dockerfile installs the latest package versions with no further coding or manual intervention.

Below is a well-formed RUN instruction that demonstrates all the apt-get recommendations.

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    aufs-tools \
    automake \
    build-essential \
    curl \
    dpkg-sig \
    libcap-dev \
    libsqlite3-dev \
    mercurial \
    reprepro \
    ruby1.9.1 \
    ruby1.9.1-dev \
    s3cmd=1.1.* \
 && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*


部分 RUN 命令支持 管道 (|)


RUN wget -O - | wc -l > /number

上诉命令使用 /bin/sh -c 解释器, 最后一个(这里为 wc -l ) 退出值 是否成功决定了此次 RUN 命令是否成功。此案例中,即使 wget 失败了,RUN 也是成功的。

使用 set -o pipefail && 可以保证管道失败的时候, RUN 也失败。

RUN set -o pipefail && wget -O - | wc -l > /number

注意: 不是所有 shell 都支持 -o pipefail

dash shell 就不支持支持。因此可以考虑 exec 格式的 RUN

RUN ["/bin/bash", "-c", "set -o pipefail && wget -O - | wc -l > /number"]


Dockerfile reference for the CMD instruction

  • CMD 命令只应该出现在 dockerfile 中一次。
    • 如果重复出现,只有最后一个会生效
  • CMD 三格式:
    • exec form : CMD ["executable","param1","param2"] , 推荐使用
      • 传递 json 数组。必须使用 双引号
    • 作为 ENTRYPOINT 默认参数 : CMD ["param1","param2"]
    • shell form : CMD command param1 param2
      • 默认使用 /bin/sh -c 解释器
  • CMD 命令会在容器内部执行。
  • CMD 命令应该始终使用如下格式
    • CMD ["executable", "param1", "param2"…]
    • ex: CMD ["apache2","-DFOREGROUND"]
  • CMD命令大多数情况下应该指定一个 可交互shell , 例如 bash, python
    • ex: CMD ["perl", "-de0"] , CMD ["python"]
    • 这样,创建容器时可以使用 docker run -it python
  • 尽量不要使用 CMD ["param1","param2"]ENTRYPOINT 组合格式,除非你清楚的知道你在做什么。


Dockerfile reference for the EXPOSE instruction


EXPOSE <port> [<port>...]
  • 使用 : docker run -p out_port:inter_port 实现映射
  • For container linking, Docker provides environment variables for the path from the recipient container back to the source (ie, MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP).



Dockerfile reference for the ENV instruction

  • 设置容器的 环境变量

    • For example, ENV PATH /usr/local/nginx/bin:$PATH will ensure that CMD ["nginx"] just works.
  • 定义 dockerfile 变量

    ENV PG_MAJOR 9.3
    ENV PG_VERSION 9.3.4
    RUN curl -SL$PG_VERSION.tar.xz | tar -xJC /usr/src/postgress && …
    ENV PATH /usr/local/postgres-$PG_MAJOR/bin:$PATH


Dockerfile reference for the ADD instruction

Dockerfile reference for the COPY instruction

  • ADDCOPY 功能相似,但推荐使用 COPY
  • COPY 只支持将文件从 本地 复制到 镜像
  • ADD 支持:
    • URL 支持 : ADD /usr/src/things/
    • 解压支持 : ADD rootfs.tar.xz /
  • 使用多个 COPY 命令将文件分别复制到 镜像 中能更好的使用 build cache 机制
  • 在文件不需要被解压时,使用 COPY 而不是 ADD
  • 出于 镜像容量 考虑,应该使用 curl / wget 代替 ADDURL 支持
    • 删除多余的文件
    • 减少镜像层数
# ADD 命令
ADD /usr/src/things/
RUN tar -xJf /usr/src/things/big.tar.xz -C /usr/src/things
RUN make -C /usr/src/things all

# 使用 curl / wget 代替
RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/things \
    && curl -SL | tar -xJC /usr/src/things \
    && make -C /usr/src/things all


Dockerfile reference for the ENTRYPOINT instruction

指定容器 默认入口

ENTRYPOINT ["s3cmd"]
CMD ["--help"]

# 执行效果相当于 s3cmd --help
  • 优化 ENTRYPOINT 入口

For example, the Postgres Official Image uses the following script as its ENTRYPOINT:

set -e

if [ "$1" = 'postgres' ]; then
    chown -R postgres "$PGDATA"

    if [ -z "$(ls -A "$PGDATA")" ]; then
        gosu postgres initdb

    exec gosu postgres "$@"

exec "$@"

注意: Note: This script uses the exec Bash command so that the final running application becomes the container’s PID 1. This allows the application to receive any Unix signals sent to the container. See the ENTRYPOINT help for more details.

注意2: gosu 用于替代 sudo 切换用户权限。更多信息参考 USER 命令 新入口

COPY ./ /


Dockerfile reference for the VOLUME instruction

  • The VOLUME instruction creates a mount point with the specified name and marks it as holding externally mounted volumes from native host or other containers.
  • VOLUEME 指令创建了一个 挂载点,该挂载点可以挂在来自于 本地目录其他容器 的卷。

    • 就像 EXPOSE 指令暴露了一个可以被映射的端口一样。
  • 需要将容器可变数据放入到挂载目录中

    • 数据盘
    • 日志盘
    • ...


Dockerfile reference for the USER instruction

  • 如果容器服务可以运行与非特权用户,可以使用 USER 切换用户
USER <user>[:<group>] or


RUN groupadd -r postgres && useradd --no-log-init -r -g postgres postgres

注意: 上述命令在添加用户时将的到一个 非固定UID/GID。 如果有需要,可以使用命令指定 UID/GID.

注意2: Due to an unresolved bug in the Go archive/tar package’s handling of sparse files, attempting to create a user with a sufficiently large UID inside a Docker container can lead to disk exhaustion as /var/log/faillog in the container layer is filled with NUL (\0) characters. Passing the --no-log-init flag to useradd works around this issue. The Debian/Ubuntu adduser wrapper does not support the --no-log-init flag and should be avoided.

  • 在容器中,使用 gosu 代替 sudo
  • 不要 频繁 的在 dockerfile 中切换用户


Dockerfile reference for the WORKDIR instruction

WORKDIR /path/to/workdir
  • WORKDIR 的参数应该使用 绝对路径
  • 使用 WORKDIR 而不是 RUN cd /some/path && do something


Dockerfile reference for the ONBUILD instruction

镜像上 操作。


Examples for Official Repositories

These Official Repositories have exemplary Dockerfiles:

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